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Are you looking to advertise and promote your vacancies?

Advertise your vacancies with Work4u and ensure visibility through our website and social media. Check the plans below:

Post It

Per ad

  • 1 ad per month

  • 2 ads per month

  • 3 ads per month



*Prices do not include VAT

Ready to Get Published


  • 3 month package (up to 30 ads)

  • 6 month package (up to 60 ads)

  • 12 month package (up to 120 ads)



*Prices do not include VAT

*Terms of fair use apply

Recruitment agency

κάλυψη θέσεων εργασίας

Υπηρεσίες ανθρωπίνου δυναμικού

αγγελίες εργασίας

διαφημιση αγγελιων

HR Outsourcing

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